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Please  contact us below about your artwork to John Banuelos,  Art Restoration Dallas. Provide as much detail as possible to describe the condition or damage to your artwork, antiquity/heirloom.  Additionally, include digital images of the front and back of the piece, along with images of each area of damage on paintings.  The more information you can provide the easier it will be to determine what conservation or restoration will be necessary.  We strive to do only what is necessary to maintain the integrity of each piece.   Our procedures follow  AIC code of ethics.  We will only recommend what needs to be done.   We will do an assessment based on the information provided  will  provide you with a quote.   Depending on the complexity of issues and the artwork itself,  physical examination of the artwork may be necessary. 

Family Heirlooms  do NOT have to be lost!  Don't assume your treasure is gone forever.  We can restore it close to a pre-damaged state at a reasonable price..

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